Your Worst Enemy

Ever thought the tune you’re working on isn’t finished just yet… That it needs a bit of tweaking before it goes out??

Ever wondered wether you should do something now or wait till you’re more ready, more skilled or more established?

Story of my life…

Take for example the tune “Vertigo” by Loxy and myself.

That tune was a bit of a struggle for us, put together over stretch of maybe 2 years (can you imagine that). And I still wasn’t sure about it when we finally managed finished it. I was still contemplating on changing the bassline altogether.

But Loxy had shown it to D-Bridge. Next thing I know it’s coming out on Exit Records.



Well, of course I am a stubborn son a of bitch. So the signing didn’t change the fact that I wasn’t sure about it.

But I thought what the hell. The ball was rolling. Let’s just do it.


The tune came out and you know what? Now, a couple of years later…

I listen back to it and I would not change a thing.


Moral of the story? Don’t wait, just do! Catch every opportunity you can. Nothing ever is perfect anyways.

If things don’t go through as expected, so what… There will always be new opportunities. ALWAYS.


I think it’s really important to get yourself in the “just do it” mode. Where instead of dwelling on wether or not you should do something, you just do it, and then move on to the next thing.

Apply this principle not just in music but everywhere in your life. It makes you feel more accomplished and you gain confidence and momentum in what ever you do.

This is something I have been learning myself in the past year, and it’s helped immensely.

Procrastination is your worst enemy!

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