The Oldest Tips in the Book

Obvious as it is, this week I am never the less talking about something that is a very important foundation for anyone working with computers.

1. Save vigorously.

2. Back the f*** up!

Save, backup, save, backup.. You need to develop these two things into a habit. Otherwise you will perish sooner or later, there’s no doubt about it.

Programs crash and hard drives fail – I’ve been there plenty of times in the past and trust me as I say there’s nothing like that feeling of losing your work.

Get a dedicated HD for backups. HD’s are fragile so I would recommend backing up your most important stuff on DVD’s too. Store them safely at another location if possible.

Utilize tools to make things easier for you. There is lots of software around that will make automated backups a breeze. Also remember to check if your sequencer has auto backup or auto save features.

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  • LucaV

    Damn right..Couple years ago had a similar problem,loosing recent projects,that stopped my inspiration for long time.depressing.
    Bigups mr resound!