The Best Way To Mix

You probably know there are two ways to approach mixing. Some people swear by the “mix as you go” mentality. Others prefer to leave the mix to a separate session. What do I think is best?

Well, you know…  There’s a third way.

You can do both.

I really love the philosophy of mixing as you go. I’ve said it before – arranging is mixing. But not only that. I literally think everything is mixing.

Every little thing you do affects the mix somehow. And I try to be conscious about that fact as I create. I try to get things right from the start. To me that is the highest form of skill.


(a big one)

Doing a separate mix session has benefits, too!

It’s good to mentally set yourself apart from the “creation mode” and enter “mix mode”… It focuses your full attention to the task at hand… And ensures the best possible outcome.

The reality also is that no matter how hard you try to mix as you go, there are often things you won’t come to realize until later.

So I like to do a final mix session when I think the track is done from the composition/arrange point of view. Preferably a few days or a week later (after the “dust has settled”).

There are times I don’t end up changing much in the mix session. But at least then I can walk out the studio with confidence.

Anyways, that’s my take on the topic… Time to wander back to my lair!

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