Breaking Workflow

This is a guest post by Kim Lajoie. I recently came across his blog and felt very much connected to his way of thinking. So I invited him to write a little something for me and here we go! I’ll let Kim take it from here. Why should breaking workflow become a part of your workflow?Continue Reading


Get Out There

I was chatting to a friend of mine Gabriel (some of you might know him as Gremlinz).

He said he really liked this little remix Loxy and I had made about a year back of one of our own tracks and said it should be released.

The thought of releasing it had never even occurred to me.


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Switch Things Up

We need routines, but sometimes routines can also work against us.

It’s easy to stop searching for new ways of doing things and eventually things get stale.
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Your Worst Enemy

Ever thought the tune you’re working on isn’t finished just yet… That it needs a bit of tweaking before it goes out??

Ever wondered wether you should do something now or wait till you’re more ready, more skilled or more established?

Story of my life…

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How to Finish Music

You’ve just had a good long studio session. You started a banging new track, spent hours refining and maybe even managed to finish (or so you think). You go to sleep feeling really good about yourself.

The next day you have a listen. Everything sounds a bit off. You feel like all the hard work and inspiration was wasted. You realize it needs a lot more work.

But your momentum is lost and you don’t feel like working on it anymore. You end up starting something new, and the track gets buried under other projects. Pretty soon you forget about it.

Sound familiar? Yup, for me too.

How to finish music then? Well, here is one approach I use a lot. It quite often works for me – give it a shot.Continue Reading