Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky – Book Review

I’ve always been pretty productive, but also always had the problem of not finishing many projects I start. I’ve developed systems to counter this, but never really knew why it happens.

Having loads of unfinished projects is a very common problem and people are constantly hitting me up about it as well.

Making Ideas Happen


I recently read this bestseller book by Scott Belsky called “Making Ideas Happen”… And I am not exaggerating when I say it was a complete revelation for me.
Made me realize lots of things, so I wanted to share  it with you quickly.
The book succeeds in breaking down the problem of not finishing your projects and shows the path to, well, making ideas happen.

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Hype, Stress and Whiners

I came across an interesting article by Alex at Sitting Ovation called I Don’t Understand The Scene : Part 1 – The Producers & Hype. Some of it I agree with 100% but other parts left me thinking. I decided to scribble down a few words of my own. This is an independent article, but I still I highly recommend you go read Alex’s excellent opener first, as well as the comments.

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