Switch Things Up

We need routines, but sometimes routines can also work against us.

It’s easy to stop searching for new ways of doing things and eventually things get stale.

Every once in a while it’s good to shake things up a bit.

This is especially true to times when you hit inspirational lows.


A personal example:

I only just recently realized I’ve worked with Logic for 10 years now.

Of course during that time Logic has evolved a lot, but the way I make music with it hasn’t really changed much.

I figured it’s time to look for some new angles, so I’m getting the Native Instruments Maschine and start doing tunes with that.


It will give me new inspiration and new ideas…

It will teach me different solutions to the same old problems…

And it will force me to kick some bad habits that I probably haven’t even identified yet.


There are many different ways to change things up. It doesn’t necessarily have to mean buying new toys or software.

You can just simply decide to work in a different way with what you have.

Give it a shot!

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    haha thats funny i’m going to buy maschine today.

    course u can still run it inside logic and get the best of both 🙂