How to Sound Large

I wanted to remind you of something that is easily forgotten in the midst of creative frenzy.

Many folks are wondering about how to sound large but they’re missing out by not acknowledging this simple fact…

You know what a stereo field is right?

It fills the entire space between your speakers.

But are you doing all you can to utilize that space to it’s full potential?


Make sure to span the full width of your stereo field.


Use panning, chorus, delays, reverbs and other tools at your disposal. Create movement by automation.

Learn this technique for precision widening.


But don’t do it “shit in the fan” style.

It ain’t that easy, batman.

It’s art and science.


You need to THINK.

Allocate sounds.

You need strategy.


Use a stereo image analyzer. Visual confirmation of what you hear is priceless.


Stop missing out and use the full scope of the speakers to your advantage!

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