Protect Your Ears

Today I wanted to talk to you about protecting your hearing.

I am the perfect person to do that as I’ve blasted my right ear about 10 years back and since then it’s permanently damaged.

I’m used to it by now so it’s fine, but I really wouldn’t want it on anyone else.

Point 1:
Get good earplugs for when you go out. The cheap foam ones are better than nothing, but they do take away significantly from the experience.

Wearing the foam plugs is like putting a low-pass filter on your ears. They take away the highs – music sounds like crap and it becomes difficult to understand speech.

I suggest you get custom molded earplugs. There are several options and brands out there. The only ones I’ve used and can therefore personally recommend are the Elacin Music SR-15.

Wearing custom molded earplugs is almost like turning down the volume of the room. The frequency response of these earplugs is much better. You can hear music and speech properly. I also wear them during my DJ gigs without any problems.

Point 2:
Monitor at moderate levels in studio. Sure it’s good to blast things out loud sometimes to hear how it translates on louder volumes.

But there is not much point in continuously monitoring with loud volumes.

You’re not only risking your hearing by doing that. You are also tiring your ears out very quickly.

It’s impossible to make the right mix decisions with numb ears.

It ain’t that hard to be smart about it!

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