Practice Discipline

I was recently speaking about understanding what is essential with one of my coaching clients. He came up with a great excersice and we thought it would be good to share it here on the blog as well.

One of the biggest challenges with music production we face these days is the nature of the tools itself we use.

The technology enables us to do so much.

This abundance easily leads to confusion. Things get complex.

Is all that really necessary? Hell no!

You don’t need all that in order to make good music.


My client put it very well:

If they took away electricity we’d be banging away on the bongo drums.

Because we have something to say.


One of the most important skills for a producer today is to be able to identify what is essential and what is excess.

It takes discipline.

But you must manage this big picture in order to stay in control.

I think it’s one of the “hidden skills” of music production.

But not one bit less important.


So here’s an excersice for you:

Next time you sit down to make a tune… Pretend you only have 15 tracks at your disposal. If you dare, make that even less!

This will make you think about how to best make use of the space you got.


It forces you to pin down on what’s essential…

It makes you focus on the quality of your ideas…

You’re not left with room for anything average…

And the fact is that 15 tracks is plenty to convey great music.

Make your ideas count.

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