Quality Plugins at Fair Prices

I confess to being a bit of a plugin junkie. I shop a lot of VST/AU/AAX plugins and other music software.

I’m always looking for good deals, and I figured why not post the good ones here while I’m at it.

These are curated offerings. It’s all stuff that I am familiar with and can personally recommend. Besides discounts I also list great plugins that are affordable in their standard pricing. It’s value for your money just the same.

Please acknowledge that I am affiliated with some (not all) of the products listed here. This supports my work for the website and allows me to keep it up and running.

Regardless of any affiliations I only recommend things I would use myself and find helpful in my craft.


Plugin Deals July 2015

Waves Coupon Code: -10%

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This is a permanent offer for the readers of Resoundsound.

You can apply this 10% coupon code on top of any existing Waves offers. Valid for plugins and bundles.

Ends: permanent offer (valid for now).


Izotope Trash 2 60% Off

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Sonnox Oxford Inflator – 50% Off

Click Here

I have been using this plugin to beef things up for years. It can work equally well on individual tracks, subgroups as well as on entire mixes.

Ends: Thursday 23rd of July.



Metric Halo up to 58% Off

Click Here

Top quality plugins! Check out my review of the Metric Halo Production Bundle.

My picks from this sale:

  • MH Precision De-Esser. Simply the best De-Esser plugin I’ve ever used.
  • MH Channelstrip. Great sounding and functional channelstrip. The MIO compressor mode is my favorite.
  • MH TransientControl. You can never have too many transient plugins! Well, maybe you can but I definitely need a few to deal with different situations!

Ends: 1st of August.


Slate Digital VCC 24% Off

Click Here

I have been using the Virtual Console Collection 2.0 on all of my latest tracks. It is a magnificent bit of kit. You have to know what you are doing though and pay special attention to proper gain staging (which you should always do in any case).

Ends: 1st of August.


Slate Digital VBC 24% Off

Click Here

The Slate Virtual Bus Compressors. Flawless design and sound quality.

Ends: 1st of August.



Slate Digital FG-X Mastering Processor 50% Off

Click Here

Slate Digital are one of my favorite companies in the plugin market. They deliver quality every time.

Ends: 1st of August.

Plugin Alliance Summer Sale – Up to 50% Off

Click Here

These are some of the best plugins around. Plugin Alliance offer nothing but quality.

My picks for this sale:

  • ProAudioDSP DSM V2 $159 (regular $320). This is a voodoo plugin designed by Paul Frindle (of SSL fame). It has saved me from many sticky situations. There’s nothing else like it out there. Not for beginners, but can work wonders if you know what you’re doing.
  • bx_control V2 $79 (regular $130). This is one of my most used plugins. So useful. I love the bass mono-maker feature as well as the other stereo field controls, metering and monitoring features.
  • bx_stereomaker $69 (regular $120). This one I don’t own yet but I will probably grab at some point. It seems like a great design.

Ends: unknown.


Tokyo Dawn Labs

Click Here

These are some of the best plugins out there. Great design, great sound and great features.

Kotelnikov is a transparent mastering compressor. SlickEQ is a modern EQ with many cool tricks up it’s sleeve.

Basic versions of the Tokyo Dawn plugins are free, and the extended GE versions are always very affordable!


Valhalla DSP

Click Here

These are fantastic effects. The reverbs are miles ahead of most software verbs out there.

Working with VintageVerb and Room I’ve been able to replicate some legendary reverb sounds (Eventide H8000 BlackHole, EMT-140…) in a very satisfactory way (if you want the presets, drop me a line)!

The plugins also come with lots of very usable presets.