Mastery by Robert Greene – a Book Recommendation

Mastery by Robert Greene

I like to read, both online and offline. Every once in a while I come across something truly remarkable. Recently I discovered one such book, and I can’t help but write a few words about it in a form of strong personal recommendation.

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Ableton Tutorial Videos: 7 Unusual But Ingenious Ableton Live Tricks

I love Ableton Live. It taps into your imagination. There’s so much you can do with Ableton it never ceases to amaze me. I like to learn and immerse myself with new ideas by watching YouTube videos. For this post I’ve put together a few great Ableton tutorial videos as examples of what is possible when […]

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How to EQ: Additive vs. Subtractive EQ

Subtractive vs Additive EQ

How to EQ in different situations? Here’s a lowdown on two popular EQ techniques, the additive and subtractive EQ.

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Loopmasters Coupon Code October 2014: 20% Off

Loopmasters - Designer Dance FX

I spoke to my friends at Loopmasters and arranged a hefty 20% coupon code for you. This discount code is exclusive to the readers of Resoundsound. Great chance to stock up on quality samples!

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OS X Maintenance – How to Clean Up and Speed Up Your Mac OS X

All computers eventually get clogged up with user files and traces left by different applications. There are also a number of other reasons that can cause the Mac OS X to become slow or unresponsive. I wanted to share a few things I do for OS X maintenance in order to optimize, clean and speed […]

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FabFilter Pro-Q 2 Review – Is It Worth the Price?

FabFilter Pro-Q 2

I recently bought the brand new FabFilter Pro Q 2 EQ plugin. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I have to say it’s become one of my favorite plugins ever! However as far as plugins come, at 149€ it may seem a bit costly. I am all about sharing information about the stuff I […]

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My Easy Automated Backup Strategy

Click, click, click… Ever experienced the moment your hard drive starts making that horrific sound from hell? I have – several times. First the panic strikes as your computers starts freezing up. Then you accept the situation and anxiety starts to creep in. You start thinking about the prospect of losing some work (because of course […]

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Magic AB: Setting New Standards for Referencing

Sample Magic MagicAB

Every now and then a tool pops up that revolutionizes the way you work (or some aspect of it), and after a while you’re thinking “How did I ever manage without this before?”. 

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The Best Free AAX Plugins (2014 edition)

The best free AAX plugins 2014

I’ve recently jumped on Pro Tools 11 for mixing. I’ve only worked with VST/AU compatible hosts before (Logic, Ableton Live). Now with Pro Tools I’ve been introduced to a new plugin format, the AAX. The plugin fiend I am, I’ve been scouring the internets for the best free AAX plugins to add to my fresh Pro […]

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How to Use iPad as a Spectrum Analyzer (Without Buying an Audio Interface)

iPad as spectrum analyzer

Just a quick post today to show you guys a new workflow improvement I’ve started implementing. I’ve always fantasized (yes) of having an external spectrum analyzer and/or a loudness meter as part of my studio setup when mixing. I recently bought an iPad Air and started wondering if I could use it for that purpose. Sure […]

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