9 Inspiring Ableton Live Tutorial Videos

I love Ableton Live. I’ve been using it for about 9 months now and I just keep running into new things. It’s a playground for music producers. I admire the design – it feels like Live is designed from ground up to foster creativity in electronic music production. I love watching how other people are […]

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The 25 Best Free VST / AU Plugins for PC and Mac in 2013 – Part 2

Klanghelm IVGI

It’s time to continue reviewing the best free audio plugins around (in my humble opinion). These plugins are all compatible with Mac and PC platforms.

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How to Increase and Decrease Energy in your Tracks

In my recently released eBook, “Electronic Music Arrangement: How to Arrange Electronic Music,” I discuss a concept that I’ve labeled the “Trinity” of music arrangement — Energy, Tension, and Emotion.

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The 25 Best Free VST / AU Plugins for PC and Mac in 2013 – Part 1

Voxengo Stereo Touch

For the past year I’ve been on a mission. I’ve been scouting the internet, lurking on forums, talking to people… And downloading tons of free plug-ins.

Most importantly I’ve been test driving everything on real projects to see how the plugins perform. It’s been a ton of work and I’m not easy to please… But starting today I’m happy to present you the results:

My view on the absolute best of the best of free VST/AU plugins out there at the moment.

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DIY Soundproofing: How to Soundproof Your Home Studio on a Budget

This is a guest post by Peter from King’s Audio. Whether you’re a budding musician or you just love recording and playing with sound, recording can be an expensive hobby. Of course, when you start out in anything, your main concern is money, so it’s nice when you can get started without paying over the odds.

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4 Superb Impulse Response Reverb Packs To Download

Bricasti M7 Reverb

I am a big fan of convolution reverbs. I use them on every tune I make. There are some phenomenal donationware packs around for download these days. I wanted to put together a little resource for you guys with my favorite impulse responses. I will also briefly introduce the original units and tell you about […]

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7 Tips on Making Your Music Loud

I get this question a lot. What can I do to make my music sound louder? Well, there’s lots – in fact most things you do when making music affect loudness somehow.

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Using Saturation in a Mix

Saturation is a wonderful tool for mixing. This is especially true for computer-based DAWs, which allow us to go from transparent clean digital sound through to smeared murky smashed sound. And everywhere in between. The variety of available plugins and different approaches give producers and engineers a huge toolkit and capability to choose the right saturation for each track.

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FabFilter Saturn – The Saturation Workhorse

FabFilter Saturn

Continuing the series about my favorite plugins, it’s time for the FabFilter Saturn. Saturn does multiband distortion/saturation. It is the most versatile of the saturation plugins I use.  It goes really deep. I bought it about a year back and since then I’ve used it on most of the tunes I’ve made. I even use it […]

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Can’t Sleep? Try This Free App.

Can't Sleep? Try this free app.

Do you tend to stay up late in studio, staring at the computer screen? Ever have trouble sleeping afterwards?

Sleep deprivation sucks. Sleepless nights happen to me quite often and I hate it.

I have really come to value sleep and the importance of sufficient rest. Needless to say it has a huge effect on creativity and productivity.

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