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Native Instruments Maschine

I am an avid fan of the Native Instruments Maschine. I just love it. What strikes me the most is how it can be used in so many different ways. I’ve picked up a lot by watching videos on Youtube and observing how other people are using it.  There are tons of Maschine tutorial videos out there. HOWEVER… That’s the problem.

Youtube has become infested with poorly produced crap “tutorials” that don’t really offer anything of interest to most people.

Okay – yes we need entry level videos too. And it’s not hard to find good ones (check NI’s own Maschine tutorial channel to get started).

…But it gets harder when you wanna go deeper and find something that is well made and goes beyond showing the basic features.


Well I’ve been on the lookout of course, and I figured I’d share some good ones.

These are the best, more in depth Maschine tutorial videos that I’ve discovered. All of these videos I’ve personally found very useful or just downright inspiring.

No bullshit.

Watch, learn and apply!

Let this collection of videos be a testimonial of the creativity that this magnificent instrument boasts.


Resoundsound-approved phat drum sounds for your Maschine:

Gold Baby - Urban Cookbook vol. 1Wave Alchemy - Complete Drums

Maschine In Underworld’s Live Setup

Very interesting insight from Darren Price of Underworld on how they use Maschine. You even get to see him performing a song live with it.


Maschine In Depth – Step Sequencing and Effects

I don’t really know what to say about this guy. He’s on a proper mad professor flex. Great stuff. Make sure to watch this one without any skipping.


How to sample off the Internet using Soundflower

Sample anything from Youtube straight into Maschine? Yup, with some help from the free Soundflower app you can. Don’t think I need to say more. This is very powerful stuff.


Using Guitar Rig With Maschine Tutorial

In this video we learn some very creative techniques that involve using Native Instruments Guitar Rig as an effect host for Maschine. A lot of fun to be had there! I particularly love the tip about convoluting beats with impulse responses made from, well, themselves. The techniques seen in this video can be applied outside Maschine as well,  of course.


Using Maschine to Generate Ideas (with Mike Huckaby)

Mike Huckaby shows how he uses Maschine to quickly sketch out ideas and variations. I wish I had thought of that (on the other hand, now I don’t have to).


Maschine Live Performance Techniques (with Bass Kleph)

Bass Kleph shares a lot of good info on his finger drumming and other Maschine tricks he does in his hybrid DJ/live performance show.


Resoundsound-approved phat drum sounds for your Maschine:

Gold Baby - Urban Cookbook vol. 1Wave Alchemy - Complete Drums

Tha Bizness: Making Kendrick Lamar’s “Sherane” with Maschine

This video doesn’t really classify as a tutorial. In fact it’s propaganda, but I found it quite inspiring and fun to watch in any case.


Using Saturator on 808 Kick Drum Bassline

A very neat Maschine tutorial on the saturation section of Maschine. Since the making of this video, Native Instruments have added tape and valve modes to the saturation unit. That makes the techniques described in this video even more useful.


Richie Hawtin on Performing With Maschine

Last but not least… Mr. Hawtin shares some great insight on his live performance and other related things.


So there you have it! 10 really powerful Maschine tutorials for you to study. Now go step up your game.



Resoundsound-approved phat drum sounds for your Maschine:

Gold Baby - Urban Cookbook vol. 1Wave Alchemy - Complete Drums

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  • Good list! Particularly enjoyed the Mike Huckaby and Bass Kleph vids.

    What I’d love to see are videos that give some insight into how to structure your ideas in Maschine and create variance over an entire song as opposed to just jamming 2 bar segments. This is what I struggle with when using Maschine… the sequencer aspect of it is a little tricky, and not particularly intuitive to me. I know there are very convenient ways of exporting audio segments or MIDI patterns from the Maschine interface into the host sequencer but I find this interrupts the flow of ideas.

    • Ilpo Kärkkäinen

      I must say I agree and that is why I mainly just use it to jam song ideas of up to maybe 8 or 16 bars, then export to Live or Logic for further work. It’s just too hard to sequence and control songs longer than that.

      Really hoping that this will be addressed in the Maschine 2.0 update which I am assuming is not to far ahead.

      • The thing is, it is possible. You can build up a palate of different patterns and then lay them into scenes, and then jam those scenes. I just haven’t seen any tutorials on how to conveniently sequence those scenes, and then edit them. I know you can set up MIDI communication where you have a channel in Logic and you send note on instructions to Maschine and this triggers different scenes, but it’s still pretty clunky and not what feels comfortable if you’re used to using a “traditional” sequencer… I suppose exporting is the way to go for now.

        • Ilpo Kärkkäinen

          Yeah, I’ve done a few tunes like that but for me its just too clunky and slow like you said. I prefer to finish in Ableton or Logic anyway. Besides editing, they have better mixing facilities and other features as well. But Maschine shines in the creation. So combining them I feel like getting the best of both worlds. Works really well for me.

  • David Goodman

    thanks a lot very inspiring

  • Good stuff. Thanks! A few videos on here are new to me. Really liked the Maschine in Depth video… haven’t really played with with distortion modulation. And the Richie Hawtin advice regarding knowing (and sticking to) your setup is gold.

    Haven’t quite found my ideal setup yet….. but I’m getting closer. 🙂

  • Hristo

    Thank you for sharing the great collection 🙂