Make Em Count

I’m not Rambo.

But I’ve done my time in the army.

And you know what – ideas are like bullets in many ways.

They must be kept clean…

They’re no good to you unless you can aim…

And you only have a limited number at your disposal.


I know this doesn’t apply to some other armies, but here in Finland we don’t shoot to waste bullets.


In the same way you also have to aim every idea you put in a tune. You don’t just spray em around.

There has to be a purpose for everything you put in.

The purpose of an element can be to act as the center of attention.

Or it could be for it to stay in the background and support what else is going on.

But there has got to be a purpose.


Keep asking yourself: What’s the designated target of this idea?

If something doesn’t contribute enough, if it doesn’t sound right or you’re not sure if it makes a difference…

Then you know it’s a dud, friend. Get rid of it or fix it up until it does what it’s supposed to.

Master this craft and you’ll be shooting em up like Geronimo.

Make your bullets count.


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