Loopmasters Coupon Code October 2014: 20% Off

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I spoke to my friends at Loopmasters and arranged a hefty 20% coupon code for you.

This discount code is exclusive to the readers of Resoundsound.

Great chance to stock up on quality samples!

Use the coupon code ILPO20 to get 20% off.

Click here to browse their catalog.

The code is valid for:

  • October 8th to November 8th 2014.
  • One use per person.
  • All products excluding sale items.

I go back with Loopmasters a long time and can assure they are working hard to put out some of the highest quality sample packs out there. I use many of their products in my own work and I have even created a sample pack for their artist series in the past as well.

They have been putting out tons of great stuff recently, so go to Loopmasters and have a listen!

If you’re interested in seeing what I am using, here are a few personal recommendations from me (only packs I use myself):


Niche Audio Ableton Live & Maschine Packs

Loopmasters Niche Audio


If you are using Ableton Live or Native Instruments Maschine, then you should definitely look into the several different Niche Audio sound packs. I have a few of them (Naked Techno, Deep Tone & Dubstep Supercharged) and they’re just great – I use them all the time.

The sounds are great quality, a good amount of kits in each pack and there is no fluff at all. They have also put good thought on how the sounds are set up in Machine. They are a lot of fun to play.

Click here to listen



Inspire Audio Secret Ingredients Vol. 1

Loopmasters Secret Ingredients

The moment I heard the demo for this pack I was blown away by how it sounds. No wonder – I found out it’s all been recorded from various analog drum machines and synths, and processed through high end gear.

Gear used: “Linn 9000, LM-2, ClapTrap, Oberheim Prommer, DMX, RZ1, DDD1, TR909, 808, CR78, DR55, Volca Beats, Kick Lancet, Moisturizer, 2-Pole, Minimoog, 303, LEPLOOP, Monotribe , CZ 5000, Patchblocks, TX7 , some D.I.Y. Projects and a lot more…”

It’s a techno-oriented pack, but these loops can be easily deconstructed and rearranged for any other genre. Makes great material for layering.

You simply don’t get sounds with this kind of character out of your software plugins. Highly recommend you to check out this pack.

Click here to listen



Loopmasters Present: Designer Dance FX

Loopmasters - Designer Dance FX

This a great pack for risers, transition FX, hi tech crashes and such. The sounds are great quality.

I keep drawing for these sounds also because it’s pretty easy to create an infinite number of variations by pitching them up and down, time stretching, reversing or adding some effects.

Very useful tools to have in your library.

Click here to listen


Wave Alchemy Complete Drums

Loopmasters - Wave Alchemy Complete Drums

This is the mother of all drum sample packs and I have been drawing from this pack on pretty much every track I do for a long time now.

Why? Because of the sound quality. These sounds are just full of depth and detail. They go a long way in making the drum mix sound good for me. It’s very easy to get this stuff sit well in the mix.

For this pack they have used high end gear to sample all the classic analog drum machines  in 24-bit resolution (from Roland TR-808 and TR-909 to many great less known ones like machines from Jomox, EMU and Oberheim for example).

The drum machines are only one part of this pack though. There are other parts which I love, like the Paper Skins Snare Toolkit (great for creating an infinite number of snares with some personality).

Here’s an example track for you… Was struggling with the drum mix but as soon as I pulled some Wave Alchemy sounds and tried them on.. Done!


(Tip: It’s a costly pack, and even though the -20% helps a lot there… If you can’t afford it, have a look at some of the other Wave Alchemy packs, because they’re all great).

Click here to listen


June Miller Presents: Dark Complex Drum & Bass Vol 2

Loopmasters June Miller

I got this pack very recently and I am impressed by the quality and usability of this pack. I especially like the drums and the bass sounds. They sound great and are quite easy to work with and create your own variations. Thumbs up.

Click here to listen


Total Science Presents: Drum & Bass Lab Test 1

Loopmasters Total Science DNB Lab Test V1

Total Science needs no introduction – they were pioneering the music we now know as drum & bass, and they have been consistently putting out great releases for 20 years now.

These guys know what they’re doing. This pack is full of good stuff, ranging from unique drum loops to bass sounds and FX. Dark and mellow, it’s all there and sounding fresh. Full of ideas and fun to play around with.

Click here to listen


Capsun – Chill Trap & Future R&B

Loopmasters Capsun Chill Trap & Future RNB

This is another pack I got recently and it is an inspiration! Beautiful stuff and flawlessly executed. I am not going to say any more, just listen for yourself and you’ll see.

Click here to listen


Loxy & Resound Drum & Bass Vol. 8

Loopmasters Loxy Resound Drum & Bass


This is the pack we did for the Loopmasters Artist Series a while back. If you know our music, you know what to expect!

The pack has 61 user reviews, averaging 5 (out of 5) stars by now – makes me very happy so many thanks to anyone who bought it and reviewed it! If you haven’t checked it yet, go have a listen.

Click here to listen



Further picks:

(I haven’t got these ones yet myself but they’re sounding solid):

Leon Switch – Deep Dark Dubstep

Kasra – Critical Drum & Bass Vol. 2

Break  – Symmetry Drum & Bass

Luke Solomon – Freaky House

Machine Code – Analogue Techno

Klax – Precision Drum & Bass


…or just go to Loopmasters and browse by genre or format!


Use the code ILPO20 to get 20% off your purchase.

Remember this Loopmasters coupon code is only valid for one month (October 8th to November 8th, 2014).


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