Loopmasters Collaboration, Free Samples and Reader Discount

Some of you may have noticed new ads appearing here on the blog, what’s all that about?

I was recently approached by the kind folks at Loopmasters, we’ve been speaking and today I am happy and excited to announce our new collaboration.

We’ve made some GREAT plans for the near future which will be announced a bit later. At this point, to get things started we have a little benefit for Resoundsound readers:

A 10% discount to the Loopmasters Sample Boutique for the readers of Resoundsound.

Use the code ILPO10 to get your discount. The discount code is valid for one use per person.

When you buy using this code, I want you to know I am getting something in return to support the work I am putting into this website. Everyone wins and indeed your support is very much appreciated!

Now, I am a bit fussy when it comes to stuff like this but this really made sense to me. I’ve used Loopmasters’ products in the past and they have a lot of good stuff going on. The people over there are dedicated and professional, so this is something I can really feel good about.

Free samples

Now on to something that I don’t think many people know:

What’s cool about the Loopmasters sample boutique is that they have loads of samples up for grabs for free. Each pack has some free full quality downloads. You do have to register to download, but it’s a breeze, there’s no strings attached, and once logged in you have access to about 2 GB of top notch samples.

I would suggest to go browse and see for yourself. I was quite surprised to realize how much good stuff they have up for grabs in there.

The free samples download link is located on the left side of the page of each release.

Go get em, and if you ever end up buying anything, use the code ILPO10 to get 10% off the price.

My recommendations

Here are a few of my personal favourite sample packs from their boutiqe. Check them out and download the free samples from each:

Rankin’ Audio – Heavy Bass Oneshots
A collection of absolutely nasty bass sounds by High Rankin and Cliffhanga. These are one-shot sounds so they are perfect building blocks for more complex basslines.

Designer Dance FX
A 1.4 GB collection of Impacts, Bleeps, Rises, Drones, Echoes, Gated Sonics, Transitional Tones and Uplifters. All you’ll ever need, perfectly produced and works for all genres.

Fracture – Cosmic Drum And Bass
Deep, dark and moody stuff by Fracture – beats, bass, fx, synths, it’s all in there.

Subtractive Drum & Bass Vol 1
Beautifully sculpted construction kits for minimal drum & bass.

The Dubstep Drum Kit 01
Over 300 heavy hitting drum sounds – kicks, hats, claps, snares, crashes, uprisers and one shots.

About Loopmasters

To those of you who are not familiar with Loopmasters – they are a sound design label based in Brighton, UK. They’re also an online store for music composers, producers and DJs.

Besides Loopmasters’ own production, their Sample Boutique currently carries sample packs from the following labels: 5 Pin Media, AMG Gold, Akai Professional, Cluster Sound, EarthMoments, Discovery Sound, Drumdrops, Dubdrops, eLab, Equipped Music, Galbanum, Global Underground, Goldbaby, Industrial Strength Records, Infrasonik, Mutekki Media, Organic Loops, Prime Loops, Producer Loops, Puremagnetik, Push Button Bang, RV_Samplepacks, Trackteam Audio, Wave Alchemy, Wavescape Studio and Zenhiser.

In addition to sample packs, they also carry a lot of presets for popular soft synths such as Native Instruments Massive and LinPlug Albino.

There is a lot to discover!

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  • So I tried to use ILPO10 tonight, and it kicks back a message:

    “Such coupon code ILPO10 is not valid, please provide another one.”

    Was the code only good for a short amount of time?

  • Hey,
    Code should be valid until jan 4, 2012 and for one use per person.

    It was still working for others yesterday. Could you try again please to rule out the possibility of temporary error?

    If it still doesn’t work out, let me know and I will hit them up about it.

    Sorry for the trouble!

    • Nope, it’s not taking the code. Actually the second time I’ve tried to use it, same error both times. Last time I ended up just using a different discount code, as I wasn’t sure if it was because I was trying to use the code to buy a brand new sample pack (the Octane & DLR one, when it came out).

      I can drop them a message. This time around I was just trying to buy an older pack (a GoldBaby pack), it’s not a rush to buy though.

      Thanks for checking it out though!

      • I spoke to them. Turns out the code had in fact expired early. It has now been reset so it should work again now. Thanks a lot for letting me know and sorry for the inconvenience.

        • Thanks for following up on that, it worked this afternoon for me!

          • Good stuff Harry, thanks for the support!