Lock & Load

This weekend it’s time to pull out the roughest, hardest beats again when Renegade Hardware takes over Area Club in London. It’s the launch party for the new album from Hardware – Ink & Loxy Present: Horsementality LP.

It’s a good chance to link up – I know some of you guys are coming so definitely look me up and say hello!



Been working hard and got plenty of new music lined up for this one. I know Lox is always holding some surprises up his sleeve and will be trying to catch me off guard…. ;] So you know it’s guaranteed to get messy!



As a warm-up, here’s our set from the previous Hardware night (August Carnival Special):

You can also download the MP3 here.

Horsementality LP

The project consists of massive 30 tracks in total – 12 will be out on vinyl, accompanied by 18 further tracks in the digital bundle (the vinyl tracks will be on the digital bundle as well).

I have two tracks on the album called Idlers and Seraphim (with Loxy).



As always, feedback is appreciated. Looking forward on linking up with some of you on saturday, have a good week!

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