Identifying Procrastination

In the Smart Productivity for Musicians course I have created there is a full lesson about dissolving procrastination. Here are some further thoughts on the topic.

Before you can deal with procrastination, you must identify procrastination. And it’s not as simple as it may seem!

Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.

-Marthe Troly-Curtin

For someone like me who has clear goals and who strives to become better in their craft, the above quote represents only one side of the coin. There is a lot to do and you won’t get far by purely indulging in hedonism. But there is a lot of truth to the quote also.

Not all time you spend being “unproductive” is procrastination.

This is something that is easily forgotten in today’s über-productive climate.

We need unplanned time in our lives. We need time to just follow our gut and do whatever we like. This is not procrastination.

How do you know what’s “normal unproductive time” and what’s procrastination then?

Sometimes you don’t – it’s not like there is a clear division between the two. That’s not the point.

Some of us can keep hammering away every single day without any problems. Others (like me) tend to require longer breaks sometimes, and switching up between things. Everyone is different.

This is how I see it:

As long as you’re getting important things done on a daily basis (with occasional off-time) and moving forward with your goals, procrastination is not a problem for you.  

The bottom line is you won’t be able to fool yourself for long. If you’re not getting important stuff done – if you’re not making progress – you will know.

Have realistic goals and be honest to yourself.

When procrastination becomes a habit it’s time to face the facts and start looking at possible reasons and solutions for it.

I’ve been there. It’s one of the main reasons I embarked years ago on this journey of studying productivity and human performance.

We have full lesson about common reasons and solutions for procrastination at Smart Productivity for Musicians – go have a look.

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