Free Plugin Tip: TAL-Dub 2

TAL-Dub 2 is a vintage style delay that squeeks and distorts as you push it’s limits. It’s a very well thought out little beast and I love the way it sounds.

It’s capable of a surprisingly wide array of effects – including chorus and “fuzzbox” type distortion besides the usual delay effects.

TAL-Dub 2 comes with 20 different presets that showcase what it can do. My favorite is the “Detuned tape delay” preset which recreates the classic tape delay sound  just beautifully.

Plus it comes with a MIDI-learn function for quick hands-on tweaking, which suits the nature of this plugin perfectly!



  • Synced delay times (1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1, 2/1 and trippled and dotted notes).
  • 4x oversampled distortion stage.
  • VU-Meter shows gain reduction.
  • LFO (low pass cutoff and delay modulation, stereo width).
  • 6dB resonance low pass filter.
  • 3dB high pass filter.
  • Midi learn for all pots.
  • 20 factory presets.
Formats: Mac AU 32-bit, MAC VST 32-bit, Win VST 32-bit, Win VST 64-bit
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  • Arnout Vanbrabant

    Love this thing!

    • Good to hear! It’s very nice indeed