Free Plugin Tip: Sonimus SonEQ

If you’re after a great, free analogue-style EQ, look no further. Sonimus SonEQ has got your back!

Sonimus SonEQ: Introduction and User Experience

Sonimus SonEQ is modelled after two legendary analogue EQ’s: the API 550 and the Pultec EQP.

Sonimus SonEQ

I’ve been dabbling it for a while now and I must say I’m quite surprised to see a plugin of this quality offered for free.

The EQ sounds very nice and I just love the saturation stages.

The SonEQ is not an all-around workhorse – it’s made for musical/balancing type of jobs rather than precision work. It does color the sound as well.

And it’s very good at what it does! I must say I am a big fan of these analogue style EQ’s. They force you to listen instead of making visual (and often false) judgements of the sound.

The plugin has two separate saturation stages. These do not simulate any particular device, but are based on vintage devices. According to the designer, the first stage is a tube emulation which brings out transients and contributes depth, punch and width to the sound. The second stage smooths out the transients.

The result is a very nice, warm and subtle distortion which is pretty much unheard of in any free plugins so far in my experience.



  • 3 band Equalizer, Low, Mid, High.
  • 2 Musical Filters, High-Pass Low-Pass.
  • Preamp stage with bass booster.
  • 64-bit floating point precision.
  • Up to 192kHz sample rates supported

Sonimus SonEQ is available for free download for Mac and PC (AU/VST). You must register in order to download.

Download here.

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