Free Plugin Tip: Flux Bittersweet II

Let me introduce one of my secret weapons. It’s a free plugin I absolutely love: the Flux Bittersweet II transient designer.

Update: Since writing this post, Bittersweet 3 has been released. It offers significant improvements on performance, and is still free. 

Flux Bittersweet II – features

Flux Bittersweet 2Flux Bittersweet II does basically two things. It either magnifies or decreases the amplitude of transients in your source material.

It also has an internal MS matrix. This means you can choose to process either the stereo, mid or side signal. Brilliant stuff.

It has three transient detection modes and an option for automatic gain compensation.

Bittersweet II is a very straightforward plugin to use. I won’t go into the details of the features here. You can read more about it on their website.


In use

This plugin works like a charm. I use it a lot on drums and I’ve managed to salvage some pretty crushed, lifeless mix sessions with it.

It’s great for all kinds of situations. If you only need subtle tweaking, it’s got your back. If all else is lost, it might save your day.

It’s really nice for redeeming some transients after some “creative” compression or distortion.

You might also use it to bring up some smashed transients in a typical parallel compression situation. This can give your drums even more punch.


I can’t believe they are giving this gem away for free. SPL sells their Transient Designer 2 – a very similar plugin – for 99 € plus 19% tax. It also requires iLok which isn’t free either.

Flux BitterSweet II is available in all major formats for both Windows and Mac.

No registration or dongles are required. Download, install and use!


Don’t be a dimwit. Go grab it:

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