Please note: because I receive tons of email, it’s sometimes simply impossible for me to reply everything. My apologies – I try my best and I love hearing from you. But please understand I have a lot going on – if I was to get back to everything I would not get anything else done. That said:


Please contact me with:

      • Legitimate questions/feedback about the content on this website or music production in general.
      • Music for your label / production work.
      • Mixing work (pricing depends on the project).
      • Remixes (by Resound or Loxy & Resound).
      • DJ bookings (Resound or Loxy & Resound).
      • Your guest posts for (if the article is great and fits my other content I will consider publishing it).
      • Sending me your products to test (I don’t do many regular reviews and you can’t buy me, but if I really like something I will show love in one way or the other).
      • Advertising at (only serious inquiries, I will charge a fair price).
      • Serious business proposals (same as above).
      • Sending me your music (it is very welcome but I cannot guarantee a reply or feedback, please read sending guidelines first here).


Do not contact me with:

      • Problems with using or installing software (read the manual, contact customer service).
      • Tech questions about computers or equipment (use Google, read the manual, contact customer service).
      • Requests to collaborate with you (I only collaborate with people I know).
      • Unsolicited marketing advice – “helping” me to get more traffic etc.

You can also leave a comment on the blog or hit me up on Twitter.

My email is ilpo[at]resoundsound[dot]com or you can use the form below. 

Thank you!


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