Protect Your Ears

Today I wanted to talk to you about protecting your hearing.

I am the perfect person to do that as I’ve blasted my right ear about 10 years back and since then it’s permanently damaged.Continue Reading


The Best Way To Mix

You probably know there are two ways to approach mixing. Some people swear by the “mix as you go” mentality. Others prefer to leave the mix to a separate session. What do I think is best?

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How To Remember

Coming up with ideas is not a problem for me.

Remembering them all is!

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Practice Discipline

I was recently speaking about understanding what is essential with one of my coaching clients. He came up with a great excersice and we thought it would be good to share it here on the blog as well.

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Take a Break

What is your concentration span? There’s a limit.

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Recycle Old Projects

I often find myself coming back to old unfinished (and even finished) things and extracting bits and pieces for something new I’m working on.Continue Reading

The Oldest Tips in the Book

Obvious as it is, this week I am never the less talking about something that is a very important foundation for anyone working with computers.Continue Reading

Turn Off Your Screen

This little music production tip is very simple, but don’t underestimate it’s power. In fact I’m pretty sure you’ll be surprised how effective it is if you haven’t tried it before.Continue Reading


How to Finish Music

You’ve just had a good long studio session. You started a banging new track, spent hours refining and maybe even managed to finish (or so you think). You go to sleep feeling really good about yourself.

The next day you have a listen. Everything sounds a bit off. You feel like all the hard work and inspiration was wasted. You realize it needs a lot more work.

But your momentum is lost and you don’t feel like working on it anymore. You end up starting something new, and the track gets buried under other projects. Pretty soon you forget about it.

Sound familiar? Yup, for me too.

How to finish music then? Well, here is one approach I use a lot. It quite often works for me – give it a shot.Continue Reading