A Month of Supercharged Doing: Aftermath

At the end of December I decided to challenge myself. I wanted to make January the most productive month of my life so far. To give myself a push I announced it publicly here on the blog, and many of you guys decided to join in. I was (and am) so happy to see that so many of you were willing to put yourself to the test too.

Now that a month has passed it’s time to look at how it all panned out.Continue Reading

How to Perform Electronic Music Live: Ideas and Inspiration

Performing electronic music live is something I have always been interested in, but in the past I always felt the means were too rigid. Maybe I was looking at it the wrong way… But I always felt there was too much pre-planning involved and not enough flexibility, which made it pretty hard for spontaneous creation to happen in a live situation. That’s why in the past I’ve always preferred DJ’ing myself.Continue Reading

A Month of Supercharged Doing

How about starting 2014 with a bang? I’ve decided to take up on a challenge, and I’m inviting you along if you dare.Continue Reading

5 Tips for Making an Album

5 Tips for Making an Album

It’s been a little over a year since the debut album by Loxy and myself – “Burning Shadows”  - was released on Exit Records. The project had many phases and we put a ton of work on it over the course of 3-4 years. I’m still very happy and proud about how it turned out. But life is about learning, and I’ve gained new perspective since finishing the project. So let’s reflect for a bit upon the experience of working on an album… And what I would do differently next time.

Here we go – my 5 tips for making an album.

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Secret Feature in Ableton Live: Show Devices / Plugins on Tracks

One of the things I have been missing in Ableton Live is the ability to see all of the devices/plugins of all of the tracks at once. It’s a bit annoying having to hop tracks to see what devices each one has loaded up.

Well, one of you (thanks Martin) pointed me out to a solution. Ableton have in fact created the feature to show device slots in Live but left it out for some reason. However with a little tweak we can make it happen. Continue Reading

7 Reasons to Bounce Tracks to Audio Before Final Mix/Arrange

Before finalizing your project, you might want to bounce to audio. This can yield many benefits. Let’s look into a few.

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Giveaway: Komplete Elements

Good news!

I’ve got a pristine copy of Native Instruments Komplete 8 Elements here to give out (worth 49€).

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Spice Up Your Logic: Logic GUI mod

While we are still impatiently waiting for Logic 10… Here’s something to ease things up a bit.

Feast your eyes on this:

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Protect Your Ears

Today I wanted to talk to you about protecting your hearing.

I am the perfect person to do that as I’ve blasted my right ear about 10 years back and since then it’s permanently damaged.Continue Reading

The Best Way To Mix

You probably know there are two ways to approach mixing.

Some people swear by the “mix as you go” mentality.

Others prefer to leave the mix to a separate session.

What do I think is best?

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