Cannibal Producer Eats Himself

You can download pirate copies of our sample pack Loxy & Resound Drum & BassVol 8.” all over the place by now.

I have Google alerts set up to notify me when new links pop up – and that’s been several times a week.

It doesn’t surprise me – after all it’s a great product and I can see why people would want it.

(By the way Native Instruments liked it as well and Traktor is soon shipping with our sounds, too)

You know what really makes me laugh though??

I am getting a lot of visitors right here at from Google looking to download an illegal copy.

(yes I can see what you have typed in Google to get here)

It amuses me and to be honest it’s quite flattering… But doesn’t pay our bills (it does someone elses though through the advertising they run on those sites).


Anyways, rant aside!

If you need something to inspire you and fuel your jam sessions…

We designed the sample pack to be useful like that.

Loxy & Resound Drum & Bass Vol 8


“Awsome Drum and Bass producers package from Loxy and Resound ! comes well packed with some high octane Beats and Basslines! and the synths and FX are a delight to any Junglist junkie! This is an excellent start for anyone wanting to get into DnB Jungle production and DJ will have a ball with the loops in Tracktor and Ableton.”

-Celt Islam


Loxy, I and the whole crew at Loopmasters all worked hard to bring this to you…

So do the right thing and buy the sample pack (or download the FREE samples from Loopmasters site).


964 MB of beats, bass, FX, pads and construction kits straight from our studios.

In WAV, Apple Loops, Reason Refill & Ableton formats.


Go over to Loopmasters, listen to the demo song and grab the free samples.


If you bought already (and there are many of you), big up and THANK YOU for your support!!


If you downloaded it illegally…

Well it doesn’t really move me that much to be honest.

You can’t avoid piracy these days.


It matters to YOU though.




The reality is, if you’re not willing to invest in what you are doing, you are not really BELIEVING in it in the first place.

And amigo, without belief…

You’re headed for a dead end.

I know because I’ve been there myself.

It’s the mark of a loser.


Time to have a think!

What if…

Instead of cannibalizing fellow producers and the rest of the industry…

And downright ABUSING yourself in the process…


…what if you chose to man up and get your game on?

Think of the things you could achieve.

Just my 2c… Make of it what you will.


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  • Cris

    Wow, that’s shitty. It’s a really useful sample pack too.

    • Cheers Cris! Hope you’re cool. I will hit u up soon.

  • TN1

    i can testify that the drum hits alone are worth the asking price, the construction kits are cool too, i probably wouldn’t find them useful myself but they are great for inspiration, but yeah, was worth the cash just to get those drums!

    • Nice one – remember you can always chop things up and create something new with those sounds too! I do that all the time with sample packs.

  • Arnout Vanbrabant

    amazing sample pack! actually bought it the day it came out!