Best Mixing Tutorials: YouTube Channel Recommendations

YouTube has become my primary method of learning about mixing and music production.

It is full of good mixing tutorials but sometimes the trouble is finding them.

I wanted to share with you my favorite channels so that you can also learn from them. All of these guys are doing a fantastic job with their channels. If you are liking it, show your support: like, subscribe and share their work!

Here we go.


The Pro Audio Files

The Pro Audio Files are consistently putting out good quality tutorials. They are featuring several different expert instructors. Must-subscribe.

The Pro Audio Files on YouTube


Michael White

Michael White is a man with many faces: a record producer, mixing and mastering engineer, teacher, author, consultant… He’s been active in the music industry since the early 80’s and his credentials include projects like Whitney Houston, Rolling Stones, Madonna, Duran Duran and Prince.

He has a great way of being able to explain complex things in a meaningful way.

Do yourself a favor and check out some of his videos. It’s pure gold.

Michael White on YouTube


Pensado’s Place

With mix credits including Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, AfroJack, Beyonce, Elton John, Christina Aguilera and Jill Scott, Dave Pensado is acknowledged as one of the leading online educators for all things audio.

Pensado’s Place on YouTube


Point Blank Music School

Point Blank Music School have a lot of super useful and well produced videos up on their channel. They range from mixing tutorials to sound design and workflow tips. I love it!

Point Blank Music School on YouTube


Mixbus Tv

The Mixbus Tv channel has been very useful for me. Make sure to check their Ultimate Compression Tutorial videos. Great stuff.

Mixbus Tv on YouTube


The Recording Revolution

Graham Cochrane from The Recording Revolution has tons of good material up on his channel. Besides the tutorials I also suggest you watch his video blog content, because he is very much on point.

The Recording Revolution on YouTube


Your Favorite YouTube Channels?

Now it’s your turn. I’m sure there are some good ones that I am missing, so please post your favorite YouTube Channels in the comments!


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  • Cid Poitier

    Thank you very much for sharing these Ilpo – extremely helpful.

  • Ross

    Warren Huarts “Produce Like A Pro” Youtube channel -> Great stuff

  • Technicolor Coat

    Brain Malouf’s Minute Mix Tips is another quality channel!

  • Cluster 12

    This is definitely my favourite list for when I am looking for mixing tutorials.

  • C h r i s C o m b s

    Would love your thoughts on this video. Converting acoustic guitar into mandolin with Melodyne:

  • Jukka Veikka

    Thanks for the awesome list! <3