Berserk EQ

I always preach the “rather cut than boost” mentality with EQ…

And it works really well for precision tasks…

But there’s another, very different way to EQ as well.

Instead of being refined, you can get rude.

Use your EQ as a creative tool.


Don’t be shy to try extreme things sometimes.

Crank up the bass and the highs.

Turn up the output and make it distort.

Find nasty resonances and blow them through the roof.


Some EQ:s are much better suited for this kind of thing than others so be sure to try different ones.

Generally I find analog-modelled ones usually work best (I like to use the PSP sQuad EQ:s for example).

The beauty with them is that pushing the gain doesn’t ruin the sound that easily but rather gives you a pleasant analogue-like distortion.


Bonus tip:

When you are done with your extreme treatment…

Place another EQ after the first one in the chain. Use the subtractive EQ method to fine-adjust the sound.

Kill any excessive low end, tame the highs… You get the drift.

You could place a compressor in there as well to deal with any dynamics gone wild.


I’m not saying this kind of creative EQ is something you should do too often.

But sometimes it can be just what the doctor ordered. And in music – unlike medicine – it never hurts to try.

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