Resound @ Renegade HardwareWelcome to Resoundsound where I invite you to the flip side of musical expression.

My name is Ilpo (aka Resound). I am an indie producer & DJ from Finland with over 20 years in the electronic music game, strong and counting.

I have two great passions: music and learning.

My mission is to help you master your craft.


On this website we do this by exploring the four realms of mastery:

  • Elevating your mindset.
  • Scaling up your productivity.
  • Developing your workflow.
  • Upgrading your technique.

I want to help as many people as possible to elevate themselves in each of these areas and become the best versions of themselves.


Since my first commercial release in 2000, I’ve released on more than 40 independent labels. This includes many of the most famous labels in drum&bass: Metalheadz, Exit Records, Renegade Hardware, Digital Soundboy, 31 Records, Samurai Music and others.

My musical roots are in drum & bass, but I enjoy all kinds of music and love venturing out into the unknown.

This is why I am also involved in a band, The Levels.

The Levels

The Levels


So why write about these things and share everything I know?

It’s simple: I am an explorer and this keeps me on the right path. I learn so much from doing this and am extremely grateful for that opportunity. It’s a two way process.


Now, I really want you to understand that I’ve walked the rocky road.

I know what it feels like to get stuck, or to accumulate loads of unfinished projects due to an inability to focus and finish. I know how it’s like to struggle with perfectionism. I know the feeling when you think you’ve created something great but nobody is paying attention.

I’ve been there, because like everyone else, I started from zero!


I still struggle all the time. Many of the things I write about are based on my own mistakes.

But I’ve worked hard. I’ve studied all aspects of the craft. And I’ve put that stuff in practice.

I’ve improved my mindset, productivity, workflow and technique.

My music has been signed and I’ve been rewarded by seeing it released on my favorite labels. I’ll be proud of that for the rest of my life.

Master Your Craft - 28 Rules for Success in Electronic Music Production

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These things did not happen by accident. When you keep doing the right things, your progress is inevitable. It’s not harder than that.


I am here to to help you master your craft.

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Ilpo Resound

Ilpo Resound