Ilpo aka Resound

Hello, I am Ilpo. You may know me through my music as Resound.

I have two great passions: music and learning. This website is about combining the two. I want to inspire fellow music producers like yourself with new ideas. I also want to help people overcome the many pains and frustrations related to music production. At the same time I write to educate myself. It keeps me on the right path. It’s a two way process.

I’ve been making electronic music (mainly drum&bass) since 1996. Since my first commercial release in 2000, I’ve released on more than 40 independent labels, including some of my biggest favorites: Digital Soundboy, Exit, Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, Function, Samurai Music and Secret Operations.

I am not saying that to brag, but to show you I’ve walked the rocky road. I know what it’s like when you get stuck on a project, or when you just don’t seem to get the mix sounding quite the way it should. Or when you think you’ve finished a great track but nobody seems to be paying attention. I know!

It’s definitely not always easy and I still struggle all the time. Many of the things I write about are based on my own mistakes. Making mistakes and learning by doing are essential. But reading helps, too. Everyone will encounter problems but an educated person will have more perspective for dealing with them.

Now, for your information… I’ve been one of the most disorganized persons you can imagine. But I’ve learned to finish music, I’ve improved my technique, I’ve improved a lot of things about myself, my music has been signed and I’ve been rewarded by seeing it released on my favorite labels. If I can push through, so can you!

I am here to share my real life experiences, to help you improve your skills, become inspired, to discover motivation and focus… In short, to help you become a better producer. The first step is simple: subscribe to my newsletter, so that you will never miss a post.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this and all the best in your endeavors!

Ilpo Resound