Ableton Tutorial Videos: 7 Unusual But Ingenious Ableton Live Tricks

I love Ableton Live. It taps into your imagination. There’s so much you can do with Ableton it never ceases to amaze me.

I like to learn and immerse myself with new ideas by watching YouTube videos. For this post I’ve put together a few great Ableton tutorial videos as examples of what is possible when great software design meets creative individuals. Let’s have a look.

Ableton Vocoder Bass Trick

Here’s a great way to create fresh bass sounds (with infinite easy variations) out of existing ones. And who’s to say you should only use this technique on bass?



Side Chaining With Bus Templates

Now why didn’t I ever think of that?? It’s probably all too obvious why. This is one very clever side chain trick from Bass Kleph. If you like to do a lot of side chaining, this is going to make your life a lot easier.

You might want to skip to about 2:14 as the video takes a while to get going (also the pop-up boxes they added are extremely annoying, but the info is worth it so hang in there).




DIY Vocal Synth

A fine example of how quick and easy it is to get interesting things going with the Ableton Live workflow.



Arpeggiated Chord Pattern Generator

I have been delving into the world of generators and the scale effect lately, and it’s an addictive one!



Generative Rhythms

This technique is just brilliant. It’s a bit unfortunate the author decided to use a rather boring stock piano sound for the demonstration because it doesn’t sound like much there to be honest.

However, if you make an effort to try to get past that and understand the potential of what is going on in this technique and all the things you could do with it… You might be in for a revelation. For a different example of a similar technique, check the next video (Arpeggiator Percussion Trick).



Arpeggiator Percussion Trick

This video really shows the vast potential of the arpeggiator MIDI effect. Powerful stuff.



Fade To Grey Effect Ableton Tutorial

An interesting and useful effect here that works for production but especially live performance. This technique immediately sparks a lot of further ideas and best of all: it’s easy to apply and edit to your liking.



Big thanks to all the authors of these videos for sharing their tips and cranking out some awesome tutorials.

Now, enough watching – go make something good with what you’ve learned! Because the truth is in the doing.

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  • Alex

    nice tutorials over here, i also love ableton and like to experiment very much with it! i just love the 1st one with the stretching and stuff, nice lane of effects he got over there. a very easy and useful technique to prepare the sample for the final stage SAMPLER. the SC tutorial was like holly shit, how did i not think of that earlier, i will definitely try it! the other tutorials just boost my mood instantly… very helpful. thanks for the tips!

  • lks

    i’ve been playing with ableton for a day and noticed some drawbacks with regard to navigating around the project. i found the alt+command (control) + mouse to move around the arrange is a bit too many modifier keys for something i personally use very often. so i quickly wrote a script (compiled to an exe) that allows to just press the middle mouse button to freely fly around the arrange, the inside of clips, and the devices in the rack. i’m PC-only so this is PC-only, but if anyone’s interested here it is:

    • Great stuff thanks for sharing!

    • Gui

      Hi, link is down, can you re-upload?