Hi, I’m Ilpo aka Resound. I’m here to help help you improve and succeed as an independent music creator and an artist.


It’s a fantastic time to be making music. You have so many possibilities. That doesn’t mean it’s easy to succeed and thrive. We’re facing new kinds of challenges. Our lives are busy. It’s difficult to focus. We feel more confused than ever. I know all about it. I’ve grinded to a halt several times. But I never gave up.

I’m here to share what I’m learning through my own experience. I have 20+ years behind me in music production, DJing, mixing, mastering and expert work, but I’m still trying new things and learning every day. Below you’ll find some of the record labels and companies I’ve worked with closely.

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I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff ready for you. Before you move further, here is my first lesson to you: Information without action is useless.

So enjoy your time learning. But then… It’s time to do the work. Figure out what works for you in practice.


Featured Book

Robert Greene: Mastery

Since discovering this book for the first time in 2014, I’ve listened to the audio version 3 times and also bought a hard copy. I constantly return to it for reference and inspiration. I think that’s good enough for an introduction!

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Mastery by Robert Greene