Softube Console 1 Review – Analog Workflow in Digital Domain


Softube Console 1 Review

The Softube Console 1 has greatly intrigued me ever since it first came out in early 2014.

Part of the fun in making music for me is honing my workflow and experimenting with different tools and processes.

The Console 1 is a new generation mixer that combines hands on workflow and analog modeled sound with software that integrates neatly into your DAW.

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Best Mixing Tutorials: YouTube Channel Recommendations

YouTube has become my primary method of learning about mixing and music production. It is full of good mixing tutorials but sometimes the trouble is finding them. I wanted to share with you my favorite channels so that you can also learn from them. All of these guys are doing a fantastic job with their channels. If […]

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How to Use Audio Spectrum Analyzer in Music Production and Mixing

Problematic vocal sound

Audio spectrum analysis can be a confusing topic for someone just starting out in music production. It sure used to confuse me – I remember that very vividly! I wrote this article to give you some pointers on the different ways that I like to use spectrum analysis to aid me in the music production, mixing and […]

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Metric Halo Production Bundle Review

Metric Halo Production Bundle

A while back, the good people at Metric Halo hooked me up with the Metric Halo Production Bundle v2. I’ve  taken some good time with the plugins with my team (pictured above) and put them to a proper test on lots of real projects. It’s time to report back!  

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SSD Upgrade: Was it worth the money?

Samsung 850 EVO SSD drive

A couple of months back I decided I’m upgrading to a SSD drive to breathe some new life into my old Mac laptop. Has it been worth the money? Read on.

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How The Levels Changed My Approach to Writing Vocal Music

The Levels

In the past couple of years I’ve been working on a lot of vocal tracks as part of our new project, The Levels. I wanted to share with you something important I’ve learned while doing this.

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A Reminder About Backups

Today is the World Backup Day. It’s a good chance to remind ourselves about the importance of backups.

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The Best Free VST / AU Plugins 2015

Best Free VST/AU Plugins 2015

  A couple of years back I did a large review of the best free VST / AU plugins around at the time (in my opinion). It’s time to revise, because a lot has happened since then.

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9 Advices for Getting Unstuck in Your Music Project (#8 May Hurt)

  One of the most common problems I face when making music is getting stuck on an idea. The dreaded 8-bar loop syndrome!

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Eiosis AirEQ Premium Review

Eiosis AirEQ Premium

A while back I received a copy of Eiosis AirEQ Premium to try out (thanks Eiosis). I’ve been using it now for a good couple of months – here are my thoughts. AirEQ is a plugin designed by Fabrice Gabriel. Together with Steven Slate he is also responsible of many of the great Slate Digital plugins. So needless […]

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